dreamt up and drawn in the city of Shanghai,
here summers steam on the pavements & heat bounces
off of glass towers.

our refuge were cool marbled hotel lobbies,
and their sparkling pools within, beneath, atop.
facing that futuristic skyline.

fabrics begotten from Italy,
before that, from the sea – old fishing nets transformed
into colorful polymers,
ready to live their new lives…

prints made by restless hands,
an afternoon doing batik, months dyeing and weaving
the essence of plants.

all of this put together in the island of Bali,
by the experienced hands
of chattering ladies and gentlemen
with the old gods and sunshine on their side.

Who wears the cult?

glitter-drenched disco queens,
preppy suntanned babes,
wildling forest ingénues.

How & Where to wear the cult?

to the library – layered with a terry lined
raw silk blazer and cropped jeans.

got balls? – with a voluminous starched
linen ball skirt
and your Grandmother’s vintage emerald earrings.

to the pool – because it’s hot.
ship expeditions to Antarctica – because
it’s cooler than being cool. *ice cold*